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Two people holding a dog each
Puppy School
We offer a wide variety of training and education from adolescent classes, one on one behaviour, puppy play dates and more.
man holding a new born puppy
Specialist Referrals
We are lucky that there are some veterinary specialists who do travel to Geelong for specific cases or consulting days.
Woman holding a dog
DNA Testing
Our advanced DNA testing technology removes the guesswork and unlocks secrets hidden in your dogs DNA.
A woman with laboratory equipment
Laboratory Services
With our Idexx Blood Machine we can collect a blood sample from your pet and have the results within minutes.
Two people each holding a dog
Our digital x-ray equipment creates x-ray images that are instantly available on computer screens for examination.
A woman holding a dog
Premium Pet Food
A high quality diet goes a long way in keeping your pet healthy. Good nutrition equals good condition.
a group of people with five labrador puppies
There's no guarantee that a collar and tag will stay with your pet but there are no such worries with a microchip.
Kitten looking at the camera
Kitten Adoption
We are recognised as a significant kitten adoption centre in the Geelong region.
Woman holding a dog with a cast on its leg
Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Surgeries
We offer a wide variety and practice gold standard procedures, whilst continuing to improve our surgical skills.
Woman hugging a dog
Desexing ultimately prevents unwanted pregnancies in female cats and dogs. It also helps stop unwanted attention from males.
woman with a bird on her shoulder
Small Animals and Birds
It can be difficult for owners to identify early signs of illness in these pets, therefore regular advice and health checks are important.
Vet performing dental surgery on a dog
Poor dental care can lead to more serious problems, such as damage to internal organs. Don't take the risk!
Woman holding a dog
Vaccinating your pet is one of the most important things you can do to ensure they lead a healthy life.
Woman hugging a dog
A clinical examination for when your pet is unwell or when they are due for their annual health checkup.

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