Orthopaedic & Soft Tissue Surgeries


Caring for your pets

At Highton Vet Clinic we are well equipped with surgical equipment and do a wide variety of orthopedic and soft tissue procedures.

We also continue to improve our surgical skills and practice gold standard procedures.

Types of Consultations

De Angelis Cruciate Ligament Repair

TPLO Cruciate Ligament Repair

Femoral head and neck excision

Luxating patella correction

Fracture Repair

Soft tissue surgeries include:

  • Caesarian for whelping animals
  • Mass removal (Tumors and Lumps)
  • Intestinal foreign body removal
  • Eye and Ear Surgeries
  • Soft Palate surgery for Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Laryngeal Paralysis
  • Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV or Bloat)
  • Perineal Hernias