Microchipping your pet

As most owners who have lost their pet know..there’s no guarantee that a collar and tag will stay with your pet but there are no such worries with a microchip.

A Microchip is a tiny electronic chip (the size of a grain of rice) which is injected into your pet as simply and quickly as any other injection.

Then if your pet goes missing it’s as if it has its own barcode unique to your pet. All stray pets are routinely scanned for the microchips by vets, shelters, pounds, stray dog and cat homes, etc.

This brings up the computer record with your details and in moments the pet’s owner and details will be known. We can a microchip your pet and give you instant peace of mind.

The microchip details are stored on a central database which is accessible Australia wide. The number links back to your contact details. This means if your pet is lost you can hopefully be quickly reunited with your pet.

Updating your pet’s details

Microchips are becoming compulsory for all pets in Victoria.

Most of the clients of Highton Vet Clinic pets are registered in one of the largest pet databases, Central Animal Records, if you need to update your details

If you are unsure as to which database your pets details are recorded onto check out Petaddress website to find out which national database they are on.

Both websites require your pets microchip number. If you are unsure what the number is, contact the clinic for help.