Advanced Care

Radiology – X-rays

At Highton Veterinary Clinic, we aim to be at the forefront by offering your pet the best available facilities and care.

We have digital X-ray equipment at the clinic, which makes taking X-rays a joy rather than a laborious chore.

Like digital photography, digital radiography eliminates the need to process films, and creates X-ray images that are instantly available on computer screens for examination by our veterinarians.

A lower exposure which means the procedure is safer for pets
Superior image quality
Perfect images can be more easily obtained with the first X-ray for rapid, accurate diagnosis
More environmentally friendly as there is no need for chemicals
Images can be stored and retrieved more readily
Images can be transferred between veterinarians or to specialists anywhere around the world for second opinions.


The use of ultrasound in small animal veterinary medicine has expanded rapidly in recent years.

Ultrasound has allowed for earlier diagnosis and better management of diseases which previously went undetected for longer periods.

The ultrasound examination is an imaging technique in which deep structures of the body can be visualised by recording echoes of ultrasonic waves which are directed into the tissues.

Ultrasound images can be frozen then saved and printed from the computer to provide a record of the examination.

Imaging the heart – we can use it to see how the heart is beating, evaluate its size and function and check for any abnormalities
Imaging the intestines – we can assess if muscles are contracting properly as part of the body’s mechanisms for processing food
Imaging other internal organs, such as the kidneys, liver and spleen
Confirmation of pregnancy
Determining whether foreign structures are present in the chest or abdomen.